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Korean girl Kim Tragedy: from the "card slave " to "sex slaves"

13:00, the doorbell rings, wearing only lingerie 8 Korean girl sitting in the sun in San Francisco massage parlors hall bench, waiting for the selection of guests. The eight South Korean masseurs girl is here, Kim is one of them by the United States, it was her scene many times every day, every time she squeezed out a smile to both, and in the heart, begging: " Do not choose to me. "

A year ago in Korea by the United States or a university student. In order to repay the overdraft owed $ 40,000 credit card debt, she deceived the United States, became a work 15 hours a day sex slaves.

Payment by the United States grew up in South Korea a seaside town, in 2001, she was admitted to a university near Pusan. She's surrounded by students from the cities, they have many from the U.S. - the female students from rural areas have not seen things like credit cards.

A student of the United States said:, "I do not have the cash, the card can buy something brush." Initially suspected by the United States still point, but she saw students "brush," return to the lot of clothes, she immediately ran to the street stalls applied for a credit card, and then quickly "brush" back to their dream of high-heeled shoes, purses, skin cream and digital cameras. She also took out the cash teller machines, made a stylish hair. That day, by the United States spent nearly 600 dollars.

Because there is no work, by the United States worried about how to pay back the money, or even no longer think of a credit card. But one weekend, the girls are spending wantonly ran out of the campus, by the United States could not help but join their ranks.

In 2002, the U.S. has a $ 10,000 overdraft. She also organized a second credit card, overdraft second card with the first card paying the money owed. Then, after a year, owed by the United States has 4 million, she must find a way to pay back the money. To the family by the United States lied, and said to drop out to earn tuition sister. But because there is no college degree, find a high paying job is too difficult.

One day, by the United States in line to see a recruitment message: "American Beauty salon, beauty recruitment of staff, monthly salary of $ 10,000, absolutely normal, no physical contact." By the United States calculated that the work as long as 6 months, you can pay off their 4-million debt owed, but also left twenty thousand dollars back to Korea. She also doubted that "there is no physical contact," the truth, but soon comforted myself: could the United States is so be it! With soon be debt-free dream, by the United States embarked on a journey to the United States.

To the United States the next day, by the United States began to work, and a few girls with a male guest to accept the selection. Slender build fancy guests from the United States, "is her!"

To accompany the guests from the United States into the massage room, men shower is completed, suddenly rushed from the United States stood side massage bed, suddenly ripped off her underwear, and then throw her a massage bed, screaming horror from the U.S. ... ... . Wensheng boss rushed in, first stop on the man said "sorry", then a trial of strength scolded by the United States. That day, by the United States did not eat dinner, this is she "did not respect the guests" punishment. Have had this experience, by the United States will soon understand that to survive, the only trace can do is wet with tears the next face of the guests smile.

In this way of life by the United States repeated, daily, and men who have a different relationship. By the United States is also thought to escape, but easier said than done. She lives in a small room, a wall filled with monitors, two out of the locked iron gate, a personal guard. Often warned her boss: If you run, we will tell your family everything you do in the States.

The tragedy by the United States think they would have to continue. Fortunately, the police cracked the United States involving South Korea, Japan and the U.S. sex trade case, found the work by the United States and massage parlors. Was rescued by the United States, she began planning a return to Korea at the right time.

South Korea girl-hot car model Ji Hey body Perfect Curve

In 2005, the 19-year-old Ji Hey has been regarded the most beautiful korean girlof class, this year, she appeared for the first time the screen. Appeared in the movie "Ramen Life" and "out there" and get Mnet variety show "Happy Night" and starred in opportunity, while in Korea, only a very high degree of concern artists, variety shows to enter the threshold of Mnet.

, 24-year-old Ji Hey, when selected in the high school swim team, although she did not achieve any success in swimming, but with that pair of legs and swimming practice out of the devil figure, was named to the University of Seoul Arts School Basketball cheerleading, and became the first Korean man College Basketball Baby.

Ji Hey basic information:

Chinese Name: Ji Hey

Foreign Name: Lim Ji Hye

Nationality: South Korea

Date of Birth: February 14, 1986

Occupation: Model

Measurements: 37F-24-37

Height: 172CM

Weight: 49KG

Hobbies: singing, movies

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look at the korean girl,she is so hot!

S temptation! Beautiful South Korean  car models, like the puzzles.

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the Asian girl's A Grade:Miss A ,a korean girl group

Replace older speed quickly in the entertainment industry, popular is a very short shelf life. Entertainment headlines today or tomorrow might be replaced by later ones. But no matter where their stardom point, the most shining moment is should be borne in mind, Sina is to lead the Korean entertainment Meizhouyixing you follow to find their way to success moved.
This issue's Meizhouyixing is about to November 22 will be held in Beijing's new girl group performance Chuan Miss A. Debut in South Korea less than six months they have been taken can not wait to step into China. China and South Korea co-members is their combination of natural advantages, from a debut to focus on the international routes of Miss A, in the Pu Zhenrong used to play the international card under the leadership of what would be out of the brilliant, let's wait and see!

Unique personal charm and a sense of team
In addition to JYP born outside, Miss A has an interesting feature, that is, two Korean members and two Chinese members of the team. Min, show wisdom, good and Fei everyone has different experiences and backgrounds, when they stand together as Miss A, when there is nothing actually illegal and unexpected feeling. Formed from the combination to the official debut, in fact, only a few months time. Such a short period of transition, many portfolio in South Korea are relatively rare. Because the members of the complex background, in order to communicate well, Miss A was not selected in the captain, but everyone as equals.
The oldest of four from China Fei, she comes from Hainan, China, in 2007 because the chance came to Korea to enter the draft. She said: "Although far from home, but the company's predecessors, like 2AM and 2PM are very caring to her, so do not feel too lonely." Jia from China Hunan, also participated in the school occasionally during the selection and JYP JYP's trainees become. Went to South Korea, she received a rigorous training in dance and singing, by the way to Miss A was the final selection. Fei and the best students in the practice period, and now has a new member of Wonder Girls Huilin team together in the accumulation of experience performing throughout China.
First arrived in South Korea, Fei and good addition to learning the basic skills as a singer, the most troublesome problem is to have the language barrier. In the usual problem of not only pay attention to pronunciation, but also more attention to the honorific that good, believe it is easy to be misunderstood as being polite. After a long period of study, Fei, and finally the level of excellent Korean greatly improved. After the debut of the interview, they look like they make a lot of talking about the Korean audience praised "very authentic Korean", which is good in "Breathe" in the performance of a fluent Korean Rap.
Miss A of the Min is not only a veteran team, that is, JYP's trainees, she can be considered great predecessors. JYP from primary school to 6 years of age to enter the final debut, she has experienced 7 years of practice time. Not only that, one year after entering the JYP, she was sent to the United States to receive training, is the ambitious plan JYP has launched in the U.S. singer. Although the march was in the United States encountered a bottleneck, but the years of training to allow her extra solid foundation, but also the team is very reassuring presence.
The youngest of korean girl group is from Kwangju, South Korea show wisdom, before entering the JYP, she is a common yearning heart of the entertainment industry girls. Participate in dance team, appeared in various stage performances, toward the goal to become a star. Until she participated in talent show Superstar K in the middle of the eye was JYP's scouts found that the ordinary girl to chatting up the general roller coaster speed, quickly became a member of the Miss A. Practice because of her shortest, so the show wisdom in a variety of occasions appeared very modest, the posture is also very workaholic, even sprained foot, also sit in a chair and performed, and such a strong youngest also made a lot of Fans Heart favor.


Korean girl groups are very famous in Asia, but sad stories behind the famous

korean girl groups  one after another. Out of South Korea, the "war" very badly in Japan. where would korean girl group go?
Following the Wonder Girls and Girls after the new year there will be a new korean girl group on stage. Only in 2010 year to the emergence of a MissA, Sister, nine muses and so strong in the women's portfolio. In addition to the current combination of South Korean women have been in the top of their youth, 2NE1, etc., KARA, Secret, After school, F (X) and other combinations after the debut of the company through his tireless efforts and brokers to achieve a high degree of first-line combination of a woman , combination of present competition between women is intensified. Korean girl group the moment the market can be said to have reached a "saturation" state, in this case, the combination of Calvary in order to survive this brutal environment to live, will use a variety of promotional tools, but as "flood" into the girl group music market, the competition will continue. Many of the Korean record company have said the introduction of the girl group survived at least a year to recover the initial investment costs. Wonder Girls since 2007 to a "tell me" since his debut, every year a new girl band debut, but really not many survive, the other to Japan as the center of the Asian market demand for women's portfolio Calvary brokers to promote nowadays are strongly packaging, the introduction of women's portfolio.

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Why do Korean girls look beautiful? "Facelift of"non-truth

South Korean media recently published an article that South Korea girl is indeed  beautiful  like clouds. The authors said that some people think that the reason South Korea girl is  beautiful thanks to the gift of plastic surgery", "this conclusion can not say all wrong, but by no means the real truth."
Chosun Ilbo, Korea, Chinese net 9, Hallym University professor published "Le cloud" of the article. The author believes that Chinese people are prone to two South Korean girls illusion: one is that the natural beauty of Korean girl, very beautiful. The main sources of this impression in that Korean beautiful people. Indeed, the Korean actress in the most looks sweet, pure and bright, and long with a very pretty oriental beauty face, arise between people unconsciously feeling like pity. This girl can list out a long string, such as Lee Young-ae, Song Hye Kyo, Lee Da Hae, Chae Rim, Kim Tae-hee and so on. Another misconception comes from the network all the girls on South Korea "Legend": Korean girls have plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery of the Korean girl is not ugly, in fact, Korean girls, beauty is not natural beauty, but the cottage version. Had seen a post in the global Internet, called "The Korean girl like you dare to see it?" Opened it, turned out to be a very ugly behavior among girls in there.
In the author's view, both views are wrong, is a sweeping and confusing right and wrong, mixed with personal feelings of the practice. Real not like Korean girls in Korea as the United States if the angel, and no derogatory by some people so terrible, they and the Chinese girl and Japanese girl, no different in essence, belong to East Asian ethnic origin, are yellow skin, black eyes, the difference, "but they are decorated with our external eyes."
The paper wrote that South Korea is indeed a beautiful country a lot, which is the author a year in Korea is fully tasted the bitterness. Is a rational and objective as long as people have to think that the whole Korean girl looks very beautiful. No matter how they make, how plastic surgery, but they look really seductive. So why do Korean girls look beautiful?
Some people would immediately answer, it was all thanks to the gift of plastic surgery, they are all man-made beauty. This conclusion can not say all wrong, but by no means the real truth. Is a beautiful Korean girl, all thanks to the gift of plastic surgery? The truth is, Korean actress, most have had plastic surgery records, like Song Hye Kyo's natural beauty as only a very small minority. But these cosmetic surgery, except for a few major surgery is rhinoplasty and face correction, most only a minor cut eyelid tattoo, etc., because most Koreans single fold, small eyes, so do eyelid surgery in Korea Female Stars The normal.

In addition to the female star, the Korean girl doing it much more than cosmetic surgery? The author says he had been consulting on this issue several of Korean women, all ages are, their answer is different, but very artistic woman answered Professor impressive. Her answer was: "You see a few girls around cosmetic surgery done?" Of finally understand, "Korean girls are generally doing very little cosmetic surgery. The reason why they look beautiful, innate temperament and acquired modification is the most important factor. "Wen said in an unquestionable fact is that most of the Korean girls are very good skin, white and delicate, acne and acne face little long, perhaps with South Korea's climate and environment related. In boreal regions in most parts of South Korea, one year, account for most of the cold weather, even in summer, not hot, and even rarely use fans. An unproven theory is that cold regions of the girls skin is more white and more delicate tropical areas, clear evidence is in Russia's arctic zone, the skin is very good girl, and northeast China is rich in beauty, they are not and climate environment on it? In essence, Korean girls facial appearance is not very sophisticated, they eyes small, single fold, which is certainly not as the Chinese girl. The reason looks beautiful, delicate fair complexion should play a key role. Is called "a white cover three ugly", fair complexion and smooth face is a lot of image points to win.
In addition, the beautiful Korean girl the day after tomorrow and to their "efforts" are closely related. Korean girl's beauty of the heart can be described as "in-depth bone marrow." From the moment of birth, the pursuit of a beautiful Korean girl will become a lifetime pursuit. I often encounter some Korean Girls in the street primary school, they are dressed neat, well dressed, even a small number are of the age of makeup. The beauty of the heart in a strong under the influence of Korean girl with age, their beauty of the heart was nurtured day by day. Their pursuit of beauty tools and tricks are becoming more and more increased recently. Common practice in three ways: makeup, clothing and body.
South Korea's emphasis on girls look even more than eating and sleeping. Someone once joked: "South Korean girls do not go out without makeup." Indeed, every Korean girl in class essential thing is dressing, and even some girls, but do not forget to bring textbooks dressing can be forgotten. Class makeup wear lipstick on the mirror is a special class at Korea University landscape, teachers are commonplace. Currently the most popular Korean girl is BB cream cosmetics, make-up because it is very good, but not too provocative, short-and time-consuming, especially by the urban female white-collar favorite. Relying on these points, I believe, BB cream will surely be popular in China.

South Korean girls: not only love make and short skirts, but also love to learn

 korean girls
News newspaper on December 17 morning, one in Changsha, ushered in the sister school students - Korea Ren Chuanrui 28 high school partners in the cloud, they will spend 4 days in Changsha, the exchange visits.
The same yellow skin, black eyes, they can be able to see the difference: large cold days, Chinese students wrapped in cotton-padded jacket, two South Korean students wearing unlined, girls wearing short skirts barelegged; photo, the Chinese students standing straight, smiling, red lens Korean students make faces.
High School Mathematics, the Chinese equivalent of three days of Korea
"Drama in the high school had a very unaffected, but now I know that they had studied hard." Changsha City High School student Huang Qianke one exclaims, in her South Korean student who lives in a one-day Golden High School students is rather true. "She is very beautiful, will dress up, do their homework quite seriously." Gold really rather large backpack, which loaded in addition to textbooks, there are all kinds of cosmetics, makeup she was looking for a place at any time, in the South Korean girls view, if No modification of neat not to go out, because that "is no respect for others."
Compared with their textbooks, Huang Qianke learning content partners that South Korea should be much simpler, and the Chinese High School's math about the difficulty of almost three days, but that does not mean that their examination pressure on the small. Jiang Yong Chen Ruiyun High School principal, told reporters, South Korea 60 million a year to recruit students, Seoul about 60,000 strokes, which means that there are only 10% of students admitted to Seoul, the competition is very cruel.
Entrance to the temple and church parents
One in Changsha in the counseling room, China and South Korea playing a sandbox game with students to diagnose the psychological pressure is too great.
President Chen said Jiang Yong, Chinese children learning pressure, Korean students are "worse than." "A lot of Korean students could only sleep four to five hours a day, suffer from 'Middle School disease'." Meanwhile, South Korea's college entrance examination requires candidates finished the day four subjects, many parents will come to the temple and the church that day .
"I think a good addition to school work, mental health should not be too much pressure." Rananim said South Korean girls, they will often go to school "phase of psychological counseling room" to find counselors chat, the release of mood; Peng Yu Ting of Chinese students are also that the face of intense third year of life, we must learn to psychological self-regulation.
"Cosmetic powers" in the schools ban students facelift
Interestingly, although South Korea to allow students to perm, makeup, and cosmetic advertising overwhelming Korea a lot, but Ruiyun expressly prohibited high school students face lift, do not allow students to wear high heels at the entrance, heavy makeup, perfume.
So proud to be Chinese students, these Korean students learning Chinese enthusiasm, Ruiyun High School offer Chinese classes, but students still aspire to South Korea to China to learn authentic Chinese.

crzay Korean beautiful girls fans love watching naked transparent skirt PK televised bosom

Cup, South Korea successfully qualifying draw with Nigeria, 43 million spectators Red Devils stay up all night carnival, there are many crazy Korean girls to the point where children should not be.Beautiful Korean girls 


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beautiful hot korean girl-Jeon Ji Hyun

Jeon Ji Hyun (October 30, 1981 -), born in Seoul, South Korean actress. Jun Ji-hyun early as fashion magazine models, 2001, by the movie "My Sassy Girl " became the NO.1 hot Korean girl star.
Jeon Ji Hyun,the hot korean girl was born on October 30, 1981.Following are the data of the hot korean girl.
Blood type: B
Height: 172cm
Weight: 48kg
Religion: Christianity
Interests: watching movies, listening to music
Education: Dongguk University Department of Drama imaging in the study of
Family: parents, brother
Debut: fashion magazine model (1997)

korean hot girl movie:Who Slept With Her?/ Sexy Teacher

◎ Title Who Slept With Her? / Sexy Teacher ◎ 2006 on behalf of the ◎ country Korea ◎ Category Love / Comedy / Drama ◎ Korean language ◎ Subtitles Chinese subtitles Length 105 Min ◎ ◎ size 447MB Format DVD-RMVB ◎ ◎ Directed by Jin Youcheng Kim Yu-sung ◎ Starring Lee Hyuk Jae Hyeok-jae Lee Pu Junkui Park Jun-kyu Jinsha Lang Kim Sa-rang He Shuo Zhen Ha So-jin Dong Hoon Ha Dong-hyun ◎ Introduction "Who Slept with her a" sex education is a subject of the film. The film is about the sexy British high school teacher Lian Chi (GSL decoration) came to the strict discipline and high school teachers and students when a series of scandals. The film is based on high school campuses as the background, so movie rating concern. The film director said: 15 years of age can watch, even though the film is a sex comedy advertised, but high school students see absolutely no problem.
Sexy hot but unpredictable mind, "Wei risk" Teachers are assigned to the intern Yan Zhiying salesio high school, she could not withstand the endless charm of a satyr who have also arrived salesio high school. Pretty face, sexy body looked and looked, she was a worthy creature, thought fornication dirty pervert who can not stand the temptation of this little flower of the night, came to the lair of the dark, in fact, it can not blame them, as long as the Republic of Korea the health of men will not miss this opportunity.
Salesio campus Wang Zitai friend, 40-year-old face into a heart so pure kill ... ... the battle for beautiful women they are beginning to favor the tough battle. They launched several love offensive, defeated but not discouraged, but this time with the arrival of the school day celebrations, but an interesting thing happened, even known as Jagged minister said the students have been involved Sirasoni .
Abnormal vibration classroom window, the silhouette of men and women entangled body, feminine moan ... ... unlimited
Students of the minister in red high heels who is it? Face of a suspect had been flashed in the end who is sleeping with her?
"Who slept with her," just look at the audience questions will be very attractive to the eye, making the launch party has timely sexy posters, and the suspect lying on a bed, side by side, the heroine, the idea of a bold new, the audience's curiosity was high lift, the means can be described as clever. Hero and heroine are very comic facial expressions and eyes, plus the story of people linked together daydreams background, so that the audience waiting for the movie tickets booked early on.

photos of sexy beautiful Korea girl lies on the sofa

Do you want to see very sexy korean girl pictures?Now look at this korean girl ,she is so sexy.
This Korean girl has it all, the looks, the attitude and the sex appeal .


09 Shanghai Exhibition: SAGE tripod cute Korea sexy girl show

09 Shanghai Exhibition: SAGE tripod Korea girls sexy beauty show.


Depth ranking famous Korean beautiful girls

first famous Korean beautiful girls Kim Hee SeonKim Hee-sun, female, born 1977, South Korea, the famous actress, the "South Korea's beauty," said. Korean actress Kim Hee-sun idol, said she took a call price of 300 million advertising won (equivalent to RMB 2,100,000). Kim Hee Sun 90 Korea has become a new actor in the leading representative of the characters. She not only looks attractive on its own delicate confident, more handy on the interpretation of the role, she has the basic qualities of a star. Some abrupt personality Kim Hee-sun, in her 23-year life of single women actually able to control their emotions, it is amazing. For this, her own explanation: "I just do not want to hurt others." She started from the first on the mirror to become the backbone of the family. Although Kim Hee hearty laughter and bright, and her poor family background do not match, but she had patience of the most difficult times, and never raised, and work with her colleagues, said: "You only see her face in order to catch her feelings. "This is Kim Hee-sun of life.
Currently: Kim Hee-sun is still number one South Korean beautiful girls.

Second Korean beautiful girl SYJ
Pure and sexy Son Ye Jin was born in Korea SYJ common childhood home was not pretty. 18 years old, grew up and became SYJ slim girl, and admitted to the film department of University of the Arts in Seoul. During college, SYJ, like other students, several major television stations in South Korea began a long TV series guest some small roles. She was first on MBC TV series to find the opportunity of two, although the play is little more humble, but SYJ be officially entered the entertainment industry. In 2005, Son Ye Jin and Bae Yong Joon cooperation of the "out", praised the film after the release continued, SYJ's position in the Asian film industry into a consolidation. Then playing her sexy image Youyi breakthrough appeared in the "strike up the Laguna is." SYJ 2007, starred in "Millennium Fox." In 2008 she was "undefended city" in the embodiment of the femme fatale, in the "my wife is married" in the show exalted Dragon Award actress, Ji Jin Hee partner also performed in the drama series "Spotlight", in which as a capable and experienced professional women.

 third Korean beautiful girl Song Hye Kyo

Young age, attractive looks, increasingly sophisticated acting, Song Hye Kyo in the male audience in mind is the "most want to be embraced, "the Korean actress.

Song Hye Kyo in "Endless Love"and Rounds, her smile sweet, pleasant, and I see the image of pity still enjoys popular support. Not only are young people, and follow suit style dress, the rounded lip sexy Korean women have become the preferred plastic samples.

Fourth Korean beautiful girl Jun Ji-hyun
Jun Ji-hyun in South Korea a few totally natural, without artificial polish big beautiful women, in the past she has worked with Lee Byung Hun, Song Seung Heon has worked with TV series, "Happy Hour ", and the play received the best newcomer award South Korea, is known for the Chinese audience, "I Sassy Girl ", and therefore the clock chip to obtain Korean Film Awards and Best Actress popular actress. Actress title together with unremitting efforts, Jun Ji-hyun best for the future ah.

XIII name Lee Young Ae Lee Young Ae, South Korean actress, born in 1971, 2009, by the Graduate School of Hanyang University Drama Film Studies PhD - highly educated, gossip less, good image, she is known as "oxygen beauty." Into show business in 1993, 2003, She starred in "Dae Jang Geum" and popular in Asia. Participated in more than 30 series and 2 movies out of performances, debut ad: 'TO YOU' chocolate years ago to make people dizzy her temperament, the United States so pure, like the art of sculpture-like, self-serving perfect. Is walking in the 2005 Venice Film Festival red carpet, let the world witness the gentle touching of Asian beauties. To the end of the year, but the shuttle in the Mainland, Hong Kong, Korea, in a "call" sound, the elegant smile, amazing voice spread.