Monday, January 10, 2011

the Asian girl's A Grade:Miss A ,a korean girl group

Replace older speed quickly in the entertainment industry, popular is a very short shelf life. Entertainment headlines today or tomorrow might be replaced by later ones. But no matter where their stardom point, the most shining moment is should be borne in mind, Sina is to lead the Korean entertainment Meizhouyixing you follow to find their way to success moved.
This issue's Meizhouyixing is about to November 22 will be held in Beijing's new girl group performance Chuan Miss A. Debut in South Korea less than six months they have been taken can not wait to step into China. China and South Korea co-members is their combination of natural advantages, from a debut to focus on the international routes of Miss A, in the Pu Zhenrong used to play the international card under the leadership of what would be out of the brilliant, let's wait and see!

Unique personal charm and a sense of team
In addition to JYP born outside, Miss A has an interesting feature, that is, two Korean members and two Chinese members of the team. Min, show wisdom, good and Fei everyone has different experiences and backgrounds, when they stand together as Miss A, when there is nothing actually illegal and unexpected feeling. Formed from the combination to the official debut, in fact, only a few months time. Such a short period of transition, many portfolio in South Korea are relatively rare. Because the members of the complex background, in order to communicate well, Miss A was not selected in the captain, but everyone as equals.
The oldest of four from China Fei, she comes from Hainan, China, in 2007 because the chance came to Korea to enter the draft. She said: "Although far from home, but the company's predecessors, like 2AM and 2PM are very caring to her, so do not feel too lonely." Jia from China Hunan, also participated in the school occasionally during the selection and JYP JYP's trainees become. Went to South Korea, she received a rigorous training in dance and singing, by the way to Miss A was the final selection. Fei and the best students in the practice period, and now has a new member of Wonder Girls Huilin team together in the accumulation of experience performing throughout China.
First arrived in South Korea, Fei and good addition to learning the basic skills as a singer, the most troublesome problem is to have the language barrier. In the usual problem of not only pay attention to pronunciation, but also more attention to the honorific that good, believe it is easy to be misunderstood as being polite. After a long period of study, Fei, and finally the level of excellent Korean greatly improved. After the debut of the interview, they look like they make a lot of talking about the Korean audience praised "very authentic Korean", which is good in "Breathe" in the performance of a fluent Korean Rap.
Miss A of the Min is not only a veteran team, that is, JYP's trainees, she can be considered great predecessors. JYP from primary school to 6 years of age to enter the final debut, she has experienced 7 years of practice time. Not only that, one year after entering the JYP, she was sent to the United States to receive training, is the ambitious plan JYP has launched in the U.S. singer. Although the march was in the United States encountered a bottleneck, but the years of training to allow her extra solid foundation, but also the team is very reassuring presence.
The youngest of korean girl group is from Kwangju, South Korea show wisdom, before entering the JYP, she is a common yearning heart of the entertainment industry girls. Participate in dance team, appeared in various stage performances, toward the goal to become a star. Until she participated in talent show Superstar K in the middle of the eye was JYP's scouts found that the ordinary girl to chatting up the general roller coaster speed, quickly became a member of the Miss A. Practice because of her shortest, so the show wisdom in a variety of occasions appeared very modest, the posture is also very workaholic, even sprained foot, also sit in a chair and performed, and such a strong youngest also made a lot of Fans Heart favor.


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