Saturday, January 8, 2011

South Korean girls: not only love make and short skirts, but also love to learn

 korean girls
News newspaper on December 17 morning, one in Changsha, ushered in the sister school students - Korea Ren Chuanrui 28 high school partners in the cloud, they will spend 4 days in Changsha, the exchange visits.
The same yellow skin, black eyes, they can be able to see the difference: large cold days, Chinese students wrapped in cotton-padded jacket, two South Korean students wearing unlined, girls wearing short skirts barelegged; photo, the Chinese students standing straight, smiling, red lens Korean students make faces.
High School Mathematics, the Chinese equivalent of three days of Korea
"Drama in the high school had a very unaffected, but now I know that they had studied hard." Changsha City High School student Huang Qianke one exclaims, in her South Korean student who lives in a one-day Golden High School students is rather true. "She is very beautiful, will dress up, do their homework quite seriously." Gold really rather large backpack, which loaded in addition to textbooks, there are all kinds of cosmetics, makeup she was looking for a place at any time, in the South Korean girls view, if No modification of neat not to go out, because that "is no respect for others."
Compared with their textbooks, Huang Qianke learning content partners that South Korea should be much simpler, and the Chinese High School's math about the difficulty of almost three days, but that does not mean that their examination pressure on the small. Jiang Yong Chen Ruiyun High School principal, told reporters, South Korea 60 million a year to recruit students, Seoul about 60,000 strokes, which means that there are only 10% of students admitted to Seoul, the competition is very cruel.
Entrance to the temple and church parents
One in Changsha in the counseling room, China and South Korea playing a sandbox game with students to diagnose the psychological pressure is too great.
President Chen said Jiang Yong, Chinese children learning pressure, Korean students are "worse than." "A lot of Korean students could only sleep four to five hours a day, suffer from 'Middle School disease'." Meanwhile, South Korea's college entrance examination requires candidates finished the day four subjects, many parents will come to the temple and the church that day .
"I think a good addition to school work, mental health should not be too much pressure." Rananim said South Korean girls, they will often go to school "phase of psychological counseling room" to find counselors chat, the release of mood; Peng Yu Ting of Chinese students are also that the face of intense third year of life, we must learn to psychological self-regulation.
"Cosmetic powers" in the schools ban students facelift
Interestingly, although South Korea to allow students to perm, makeup, and cosmetic advertising overwhelming Korea a lot, but Ruiyun expressly prohibited high school students face lift, do not allow students to wear high heels at the entrance, heavy makeup, perfume.
So proud to be Chinese students, these Korean students learning Chinese enthusiasm, Ruiyun High School offer Chinese classes, but students still aspire to South Korea to China to learn authentic Chinese.

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