Thursday, January 6, 2011

South Korean popular car model gril ,so sexy

This is another success story after 80 young, but she is from neighboring South Korea girl. Translation from the Chinese name is called Huang Mei-ji.
Before the debut, Huang Mei-jihas been the chief South Korean university school beauty, to see her wearing a stunning range of children college uniforms, do not know how much captured the hearts of young people at home and abroad. Really,

In China, the legend about her lot, photo Well, the size of the network and has already spread throughout all media. Today, to be called South Korea's top auto Secret The baby's 80 MM, let you into her world.
Huang Mei-ji (Huang Meixi / Hwang Mi Hee / ???), South Korean popular car models, the famous advertising model. Born January 21, 1982, height 174 cm, weight 51 kg. The love movies, love sports, although not beautiful in Korea Need Ji Hey (Im Ji Hye /???) As full breasts, but the ultimate pretty Your face and natural MODEL posture, made her the most is now South Korea hot model, she is pure Korean teen idol beauty industry representatives. Melancholy eyes, straight nose, mouthwatering cherry mouth, and ultra-perfect figure for men of their conquest of a deadly weapon.
Huang Mei-ji (Huang Meixi / Hwang Mi Hee /???) The visibility of the modeling industry in Korea are increasingly rising in 2007, is her most beautiful of the year. Today, various types of photograph on the Internet of her being crazy spread. She and two other supermodels Ji Hey (Im Ji Hye /???) And Lizhi You (lee ji woo /???) adding that South Korea's three car models today.
She has a slender body and a perfect model curves are popular in Korea, South Korea's top car baby she is known, slender legs so charmed countless men, both born stunner is more clever and intelligent, she is everywhere in the sports field, billiards, football, racing and other sporting events have been left by the ghost of her.
She often said that the sentence is: "As long as peace efforts, you will have a chance. The opportunity comes, you have to catch!" And the accumulation of such efforts, courage and vision that should be all of our young people should follow the The success of law bar.

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