Sunday, January 16, 2011

Korean girl Kim Tragedy: from the "card slave " to "sex slaves"

13:00, the doorbell rings, wearing only lingerie 8 Korean girl sitting in the sun in San Francisco massage parlors hall bench, waiting for the selection of guests. The eight South Korean masseurs girl is here, Kim is one of them by the United States, it was her scene many times every day, every time she squeezed out a smile to both, and in the heart, begging: " Do not choose to me. "

A year ago in Korea by the United States or a university student. In order to repay the overdraft owed $ 40,000 credit card debt, she deceived the United States, became a work 15 hours a day sex slaves.

Payment by the United States grew up in South Korea a seaside town, in 2001, she was admitted to a university near Pusan. She's surrounded by students from the cities, they have many from the U.S. - the female students from rural areas have not seen things like credit cards.

A student of the United States said:, "I do not have the cash, the card can buy something brush." Initially suspected by the United States still point, but she saw students "brush," return to the lot of clothes, she immediately ran to the street stalls applied for a credit card, and then quickly "brush" back to their dream of high-heeled shoes, purses, skin cream and digital cameras. She also took out the cash teller machines, made a stylish hair. That day, by the United States spent nearly 600 dollars.

Because there is no work, by the United States worried about how to pay back the money, or even no longer think of a credit card. But one weekend, the girls are spending wantonly ran out of the campus, by the United States could not help but join their ranks.

In 2002, the U.S. has a $ 10,000 overdraft. She also organized a second credit card, overdraft second card with the first card paying the money owed. Then, after a year, owed by the United States has 4 million, she must find a way to pay back the money. To the family by the United States lied, and said to drop out to earn tuition sister. But because there is no college degree, find a high paying job is too difficult.

One day, by the United States in line to see a recruitment message: "American Beauty salon, beauty recruitment of staff, monthly salary of $ 10,000, absolutely normal, no physical contact." By the United States calculated that the work as long as 6 months, you can pay off their 4-million debt owed, but also left twenty thousand dollars back to Korea. She also doubted that "there is no physical contact," the truth, but soon comforted myself: could the United States is so be it! With soon be debt-free dream, by the United States embarked on a journey to the United States.

To the United States the next day, by the United States began to work, and a few girls with a male guest to accept the selection. Slender build fancy guests from the United States, "is her!"

To accompany the guests from the United States into the massage room, men shower is completed, suddenly rushed from the United States stood side massage bed, suddenly ripped off her underwear, and then throw her a massage bed, screaming horror from the U.S. ... ... . Wensheng boss rushed in, first stop on the man said "sorry", then a trial of strength scolded by the United States. That day, by the United States did not eat dinner, this is she "did not respect the guests" punishment. Have had this experience, by the United States will soon understand that to survive, the only trace can do is wet with tears the next face of the guests smile.

In this way of life by the United States repeated, daily, and men who have a different relationship. By the United States is also thought to escape, but easier said than done. She lives in a small room, a wall filled with monitors, two out of the locked iron gate, a personal guard. Often warned her boss: If you run, we will tell your family everything you do in the States.

The tragedy by the United States think they would have to continue. Fortunately, the police cracked the United States involving South Korea, Japan and the U.S. sex trade case, found the work by the United States and massage parlors. Was rescued by the United States, she began planning a return to Korea at the right time.

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