Thursday, January 6, 2011

what's the like of korean girl in the street?

(Advertising in Korean girl is perfect or near perfect image, even if not perfect but also very distinctive, visual beauty of the shock to you) 

No plastic surgery Korean girl real natural look and the image of Korean film and television works far, the gap in each country will have, but South Korea is a large gap a bit. Both Europe and America, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan or Singapore, the street will see some pretty girls. But in South Korea on the streets looking for a handsome looks have some difficulties (although they very white skin), not to mention beautiful. This article will take you to see what real Korean girl, and I travel in dozens of countries before, I would from a more objective angle, I do not want to attract readers through exaggeration. For example, I evaluated whether Korean girls look good, not only from the aesthetic point of view of Chinese people to consider the views of local people will take care of. If this article who hurt, let me say I'm sorry, a description, I take pictures when the film is very casual, just for the record in this country, not only did not intentionally shoot the person does not look good, in fact, be the person I shot middle or above average appearance of the Korean people, after all, I also wanted to give their memories. By the way, I am not against plastic surgery, beauty is a good thing.
Koreans can not afford to eat Chinese food? Koreans invented movable type? Photo travel around South Korea
Here we look at the actual lives of Korean women, from the young for the beginning of this gap can be relatively smaller. First, three small girls, who at the foot of the downtown Korean Nanshan play Free Hug. Very cold, they are also wearing a skirt. Eighteen non-ugly, the faces of the three quite confident of their own, before the West took to the streets to play this game right now.
Korean street girls
Busan tower two restaurants Korean tourists, they are very happily, especially the right one. This picture tells us that, though you can not change their appearance (other than surgery), but you can allow yourself to become happier, so will look better.
The right side of the young girl that I see those days in Korea the most beautiful one, but we can refer to the way her mother, it is likely to be her future looks like. I think it is passable. Was taken in Seoul.
Korean somewhat similar habits and Africans, put things on his head.
Korean girl shopping street
South Korea and the West together, girl, be my trip to South Korea in one of the most beautiful girl.
This can be considered in those days the most beautiful girl, taken at the Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul.
Well, here you can choose to give up, because then the journey difficult than some of the above. Subway station in the middle-aged women wearing national costumes.
Singer street performances
Street performers
The in Korea to be Xuniangbanlao the ......

Read so many do not know you will not be more confident of their own. By contrast in 2006 that I met in Portugal, South Korean female designers to be Peugeot's girl. Unfortunately, I was still very shy (as is now), please read my travelogue of Portugal.
(The last review in advertising Korean girl)

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