Saturday, January 8, 2011

Why do Korean girls look beautiful? "Facelift of"non-truth

South Korean media recently published an article that South Korea girl is indeed  beautiful  like clouds. The authors said that some people think that the reason South Korea girl is  beautiful thanks to the gift of plastic surgery", "this conclusion can not say all wrong, but by no means the real truth."
Chosun Ilbo, Korea, Chinese net 9, Hallym University professor published "Le cloud" of the article. The author believes that Chinese people are prone to two South Korean girls illusion: one is that the natural beauty of Korean girl, very beautiful. The main sources of this impression in that Korean beautiful people. Indeed, the Korean actress in the most looks sweet, pure and bright, and long with a very pretty oriental beauty face, arise between people unconsciously feeling like pity. This girl can list out a long string, such as Lee Young-ae, Song Hye Kyo, Lee Da Hae, Chae Rim, Kim Tae-hee and so on. Another misconception comes from the network all the girls on South Korea "Legend": Korean girls have plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery of the Korean girl is not ugly, in fact, Korean girls, beauty is not natural beauty, but the cottage version. Had seen a post in the global Internet, called "The Korean girl like you dare to see it?" Opened it, turned out to be a very ugly behavior among girls in there.
In the author's view, both views are wrong, is a sweeping and confusing right and wrong, mixed with personal feelings of the practice. Real not like Korean girls in Korea as the United States if the angel, and no derogatory by some people so terrible, they and the Chinese girl and Japanese girl, no different in essence, belong to East Asian ethnic origin, are yellow skin, black eyes, the difference, "but they are decorated with our external eyes."
The paper wrote that South Korea is indeed a beautiful country a lot, which is the author a year in Korea is fully tasted the bitterness. Is a rational and objective as long as people have to think that the whole Korean girl looks very beautiful. No matter how they make, how plastic surgery, but they look really seductive. So why do Korean girls look beautiful?
Some people would immediately answer, it was all thanks to the gift of plastic surgery, they are all man-made beauty. This conclusion can not say all wrong, but by no means the real truth. Is a beautiful Korean girl, all thanks to the gift of plastic surgery? The truth is, Korean actress, most have had plastic surgery records, like Song Hye Kyo's natural beauty as only a very small minority. But these cosmetic surgery, except for a few major surgery is rhinoplasty and face correction, most only a minor cut eyelid tattoo, etc., because most Koreans single fold, small eyes, so do eyelid surgery in Korea Female Stars The normal.

In addition to the female star, the Korean girl doing it much more than cosmetic surgery? The author says he had been consulting on this issue several of Korean women, all ages are, their answer is different, but very artistic woman answered Professor impressive. Her answer was: "You see a few girls around cosmetic surgery done?" Of finally understand, "Korean girls are generally doing very little cosmetic surgery. The reason why they look beautiful, innate temperament and acquired modification is the most important factor. "Wen said in an unquestionable fact is that most of the Korean girls are very good skin, white and delicate, acne and acne face little long, perhaps with South Korea's climate and environment related. In boreal regions in most parts of South Korea, one year, account for most of the cold weather, even in summer, not hot, and even rarely use fans. An unproven theory is that cold regions of the girls skin is more white and more delicate tropical areas, clear evidence is in Russia's arctic zone, the skin is very good girl, and northeast China is rich in beauty, they are not and climate environment on it? In essence, Korean girls facial appearance is not very sophisticated, they eyes small, single fold, which is certainly not as the Chinese girl. The reason looks beautiful, delicate fair complexion should play a key role. Is called "a white cover three ugly", fair complexion and smooth face is a lot of image points to win.
In addition, the beautiful Korean girl the day after tomorrow and to their "efforts" are closely related. Korean girl's beauty of the heart can be described as "in-depth bone marrow." From the moment of birth, the pursuit of a beautiful Korean girl will become a lifetime pursuit. I often encounter some Korean Girls in the street primary school, they are dressed neat, well dressed, even a small number are of the age of makeup. The beauty of the heart in a strong under the influence of Korean girl with age, their beauty of the heart was nurtured day by day. Their pursuit of beauty tools and tricks are becoming more and more increased recently. Common practice in three ways: makeup, clothing and body.
South Korea's emphasis on girls look even more than eating and sleeping. Someone once joked: "South Korean girls do not go out without makeup." Indeed, every Korean girl in class essential thing is dressing, and even some girls, but do not forget to bring textbooks dressing can be forgotten. Class makeup wear lipstick on the mirror is a special class at Korea University landscape, teachers are commonplace. Currently the most popular Korean girl is BB cream cosmetics, make-up because it is very good, but not too provocative, short-and time-consuming, especially by the urban female white-collar favorite. Relying on these points, I believe, BB cream will surely be popular in China.


  1. Wrong. If you look at all the Korean girls. They all have perfect, I mean PERFECT oval face. That is the product and result of plastic surgery called jaw bones reduction and shaving. Their perfect oval face make them all look like dolls. Then they do nose job and double eyelids. NOw who wouldn't look beautiful after these plastic surgery? You will look like a doll also if you get the same plastic surgery.