Monday, January 10, 2011

Korean girl groups are very famous in Asia, but sad stories behind the famous

korean girl groups  one after another. Out of South Korea, the "war" very badly in Japan. where would korean girl group go?
Following the Wonder Girls and Girls after the new year there will be a new korean girl group on stage. Only in 2010 year to the emergence of a MissA, Sister, nine muses and so strong in the women's portfolio. In addition to the current combination of South Korean women have been in the top of their youth, 2NE1, etc., KARA, Secret, After school, F (X) and other combinations after the debut of the company through his tireless efforts and brokers to achieve a high degree of first-line combination of a woman , combination of present competition between women is intensified. Korean girl group the moment the market can be said to have reached a "saturation" state, in this case, the combination of Calvary in order to survive this brutal environment to live, will use a variety of promotional tools, but as "flood" into the girl group music market, the competition will continue. Many of the Korean record company have said the introduction of the girl group survived at least a year to recover the initial investment costs. Wonder Girls since 2007 to a "tell me" since his debut, every year a new girl band debut, but really not many survive, the other to Japan as the center of the Asian market demand for women's portfolio Calvary brokers to promote nowadays are strongly packaging, the introduction of women's portfolio.

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