Friday, January 7, 2011

korean hot girl movie:Who Slept With Her?/ Sexy Teacher

◎ Title Who Slept With Her? / Sexy Teacher ◎ 2006 on behalf of the ◎ country Korea ◎ Category Love / Comedy / Drama ◎ Korean language ◎ Subtitles Chinese subtitles Length 105 Min ◎ ◎ size 447MB Format DVD-RMVB ◎ ◎ Directed by Jin Youcheng Kim Yu-sung ◎ Starring Lee Hyuk Jae Hyeok-jae Lee Pu Junkui Park Jun-kyu Jinsha Lang Kim Sa-rang He Shuo Zhen Ha So-jin Dong Hoon Ha Dong-hyun ◎ Introduction "Who Slept with her a" sex education is a subject of the film. The film is about the sexy British high school teacher Lian Chi (GSL decoration) came to the strict discipline and high school teachers and students when a series of scandals. The film is based on high school campuses as the background, so movie rating concern. The film director said: 15 years of age can watch, even though the film is a sex comedy advertised, but high school students see absolutely no problem.
Sexy hot but unpredictable mind, "Wei risk" Teachers are assigned to the intern Yan Zhiying salesio high school, she could not withstand the endless charm of a satyr who have also arrived salesio high school. Pretty face, sexy body looked and looked, she was a worthy creature, thought fornication dirty pervert who can not stand the temptation of this little flower of the night, came to the lair of the dark, in fact, it can not blame them, as long as the Republic of Korea the health of men will not miss this opportunity.
Salesio campus Wang Zitai friend, 40-year-old face into a heart so pure kill ... ... the battle for beautiful women they are beginning to favor the tough battle. They launched several love offensive, defeated but not discouraged, but this time with the arrival of the school day celebrations, but an interesting thing happened, even known as Jagged minister said the students have been involved Sirasoni .
Abnormal vibration classroom window, the silhouette of men and women entangled body, feminine moan ... ... unlimited
Students of the minister in red high heels who is it? Face of a suspect had been flashed in the end who is sleeping with her?
"Who slept with her," just look at the audience questions will be very attractive to the eye, making the launch party has timely sexy posters, and the suspect lying on a bed, side by side, the heroine, the idea of a bold new, the audience's curiosity was high lift, the means can be described as clever. Hero and heroine are very comic facial expressions and eyes, plus the story of people linked together daydreams background, so that the audience waiting for the movie tickets booked early on.

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