Friday, January 7, 2011

Depth ranking famous Korean beautiful girls

first famous Korean beautiful girls Kim Hee SeonKim Hee-sun, female, born 1977, South Korea, the famous actress, the "South Korea's beauty," said. Korean actress Kim Hee-sun idol, said she took a call price of 300 million advertising won (equivalent to RMB 2,100,000). Kim Hee Sun 90 Korea has become a new actor in the leading representative of the characters. She not only looks attractive on its own delicate confident, more handy on the interpretation of the role, she has the basic qualities of a star. Some abrupt personality Kim Hee-sun, in her 23-year life of single women actually able to control their emotions, it is amazing. For this, her own explanation: "I just do not want to hurt others." She started from the first on the mirror to become the backbone of the family. Although Kim Hee hearty laughter and bright, and her poor family background do not match, but she had patience of the most difficult times, and never raised, and work with her colleagues, said: "You only see her face in order to catch her feelings. "This is Kim Hee-sun of life.
Currently: Kim Hee-sun is still number one South Korean beautiful girls.

Second Korean beautiful girl SYJ
Pure and sexy Son Ye Jin was born in Korea SYJ common childhood home was not pretty. 18 years old, grew up and became SYJ slim girl, and admitted to the film department of University of the Arts in Seoul. During college, SYJ, like other students, several major television stations in South Korea began a long TV series guest some small roles. She was first on MBC TV series to find the opportunity of two, although the play is little more humble, but SYJ be officially entered the entertainment industry. In 2005, Son Ye Jin and Bae Yong Joon cooperation of the "out", praised the film after the release continued, SYJ's position in the Asian film industry into a consolidation. Then playing her sexy image Youyi breakthrough appeared in the "strike up the Laguna is." SYJ 2007, starred in "Millennium Fox." In 2008 she was "undefended city" in the embodiment of the femme fatale, in the "my wife is married" in the show exalted Dragon Award actress, Ji Jin Hee partner also performed in the drama series "Spotlight", in which as a capable and experienced professional women.

 third Korean beautiful girl Song Hye Kyo

Young age, attractive looks, increasingly sophisticated acting, Song Hye Kyo in the male audience in mind is the "most want to be embraced, "the Korean actress.

Song Hye Kyo in "Endless Love"and Rounds, her smile sweet, pleasant, and I see the image of pity still enjoys popular support. Not only are young people, and follow suit style dress, the rounded lip sexy Korean women have become the preferred plastic samples.

Fourth Korean beautiful girl Jun Ji-hyun
Jun Ji-hyun in South Korea a few totally natural, without artificial polish big beautiful women, in the past she has worked with Lee Byung Hun, Song Seung Heon has worked with TV series, "Happy Hour ", and the play received the best newcomer award South Korea, is known for the Chinese audience, "I Sassy Girl ", and therefore the clock chip to obtain Korean Film Awards and Best Actress popular actress. Actress title together with unremitting efforts, Jun Ji-hyun best for the future ah.

XIII name Lee Young Ae Lee Young Ae, South Korean actress, born in 1971, 2009, by the Graduate School of Hanyang University Drama Film Studies PhD - highly educated, gossip less, good image, she is known as "oxygen beauty." Into show business in 1993, 2003, She starred in "Dae Jang Geum" and popular in Asia. Participated in more than 30 series and 2 movies out of performances, debut ad: 'TO YOU' chocolate years ago to make people dizzy her temperament, the United States so pure, like the art of sculpture-like, self-serving perfect. Is walking in the 2005 Venice Film Festival red carpet, let the world witness the gentle touching of Asian beauties. To the end of the year, but the shuttle in the Mainland, Hong Kong, Korea, in a "call" sound, the elegant smile, amazing voice spread. 

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